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Exceptional Technology for Materials Science
Triton Technology TT DMA
  • Detachable Dynamic Measuring Head
    Allows system to be used in any orientation or configured with other analytical instrumentation e.g. FTIR, optical devices or X-ray equipment
  • -190°C to 600°C standard temperature range
  • Controlled heating & cooling*
    -15°C/min to 20°C/min
    Isothermal operation
  • Dramatic cooling capability*
    Only 1 litre of LN2 is required to cool the DMA to -100°C six times from one charge
    Each cooling cycle taking less than 3 minutes
    -190°C takes just 7 minutes and uses well below 1 litre of LN2**
    *requires optional 1 litre or 35 litre cryo accessory
    **requires LN2 dewar to have reached optimum internal pressure (typically 10 minutes)
  • 10-3 to 103 Hz frequency range (sample dependant), with 1mHz resolution
  • Frequencies or Strain (isothermal operation) – number per experiment unlimited
    Selected by number of frequencies per decade in either log or linear mode
  • Titanium clamp parts
    Low mass and rugged, resulting in improved heating/ cooling performance
  • Standard Geometries
    GeometryMax DimensionsFree LengthDefined+Unlimited
    Single Cantilever28mm x 13mm1mm - 17.5mm218Yes
    Dual Cantilever55mm x 13mm1mm - 17.5mm218Yes
    3 Point Bending55mm x 13mm20mm - 45mm6Yes
    Tension30mm x 13mm0 - 20mm7Yes
    Compression10mm x 12mm0 - 12mm-Yes
  • Improved drive train
    No stepper motor, low compliance, no air bearing and high reliability electronics, results in reduced maintenance. The Lowest drive mass of any DMA means reduced inertia, which significantly improves high frequency measurements
  • Stiffness Range 2 x 102 to 1 x 108 N/m
  • Modulus Range 103 to 1016 Pa (theoretical)
  • Modulus resolution 0.0001 Pa
  • Tan δ resolution 0.00001
  • Displacement resolution 10nm
  • Displacement (Strain) Range 0 to +/- 1mm (sample permitting)
  • Force
  • Colour LCD touch screen with clear instrument status display
  • Instrument pre calibrated
    No day to day calibration required. Instant operation on ‘switch on’.
    Annual calibration checks are sufficient for most users.
  • Triton Laboratory© Multitasking Software platform
    Allows any other Triton Laboratory product to be multi-tasked on same PC.
    Simultaneous operation of Humidity and Immersion accessories.
    Software compatible with Microsoft™ Vista or XP.
    Purge Gas via 6mm Ports.
    Cryogenic Liquid via 6mm Ports.
  • Optional optical windows and ports available. Note that temperature range may be compromised with certain configurations
  • Optional Humidity accessory available allowing measurement of materials up to 85°C to 85% RH at lower temperatures
  • Optional Immersion accessory available for testing materials in non flammable liquids - available for all geometries
  • Optional 1 litre cryo (without auto cryo). For manual cooling to start temperature. Note that this unit capable of providing limited controlled cooling or heating.
    Typical cooling performance with I litre Cryo:
    Ambient (25°C) to -100°C takes less than 3 minutes and uses less than 200ml of LN2
    I litre of LN2 can typically cool down from Ambient to -100°C six times from one filling.
    Ambient to -190°C typically takes 7 minutes.
  • Optional 35 litre auto cryo configuration. For controlled cooling or heating or isothermal sub ambient operation.
  • Optional Powder pockets. Allows powdered materials to be examined
  • Optional Sealable Liquids holders. Good for studying powdered materials to be examined
  • Optional identiPol as Sample Preparation Rig for thermoplastic pellets. Requires following 2 items as well;
  • Optional identiPol Clamp for holding identiPol sample holders described below
  • Optional patented metal sample holder for thermoplastic samples, enabling fast and accurate temperature scans (20°C/min)
    Polymer granules are melted into the holder and can then be analysed in the DMA. Requires optional identiPol

Instrument Weight
13 Kg

Instrument Footprint
240mm deep x 420mm wide x 360mm height

Electrical – 100-120VAC / 230VAC 50/60Hz
Interface – USB

Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC as amended in 93/68/EEC
EMC Directive 2004/108/EC
EN61326 – 1:2006
The company reserves the right to change the specification- E&O.E
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